Educational Problems

Adolescents with untreated AD/HD are an “at-risk” group who need to be monitored. Most of this population develop educational problems because of their poor academic performance and inability to concentrate and stay on task.

As they usually find it difficult to begin and end projects, they tend to switch from project to project, always starting with a lot of excitement and motivation and losing interest half-way through the task. This is mainly due to their chronic lack of self-belief and self-esteem. Some are unable to reflect upon their lives or plan ahead. They perceive themselves as teenagers long after they have become adults in their thirties, forties and even 50s.

They usually have a history of underachievement and if they also have comorbid learning disabilities, this could lead to:

  • School failure
  • Behavioural problems
  • Suspension from school (sometimes unjustified)
  • School drop-out
  • Lack of training and opportunities

When they enter the working world, they often experience employment issues, such as:

  • Inability to get employment
  • Frequent change of employment
  • Frequent job loss due to behaviour
  • Frequent job loss due to inadequate skills/performance, etc.

These poorly-equipped adults are at further risk of becoming addicted to alcohol, drugs, etc., which bring with it a variety of other problems that will negatively affect the lives of their loved ones.

If they are lucky enough to be diagnosed as adults and are successfully treated, their lives can be transformed. However, they often mourn for the lost opportunities of their youth.

There is no “cure” for AD/HD; the medication will bring immediate relief of some severe symptoms (concentration, impulsivity, etc.), but they will struggle throughout their lives with the emotional and social challenges of life with AD/HD.

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ADHD Europe asks for better provisions for Teenagers with ADHD who continue to need access to mental health services after they turn 18.
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