Available AD/HD Medications Belgium

There are only three (3) AD/HD medications available in Belgium, two of which are stimulants, Rilatine and Concerta, the basic ingredient in both being methalphenadate, while the third and newest one here is a non-stimulant medication called Strattera. The basic ingredient of Strattera is Atomexetine.

The arrival of Strattera was greeted with much interest in Belgium, especially by those who had trouble with the side-effects of the stimulant medication available. However, little is known here yet about this medication and it is also much more expensive than Rilatine or Concerta.

A good place to begin learning about Strattera is with Dr. Thomas Brown’s website: www.drthomasbrown.com. Dr. Brown has done a lot of research about the use of atomexetine alone or in combination with a stimulant medication for specific patients. It has also been available widely throughout Europe long before it was approved in Belgium so it would be possible to look for information and studies in these countries, which include: Germany, The Netherlands, Spain, etc.

We will include articles on this medication on this website as they become available to us and will alert you to their presence.

Other Treatment Options

  • Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT)
  • AD/HD Coaching
  • Occupational Therapy (OCT)
  • Sensory Integrative Therapy (SIT)
  • Cogmed
  • Speech & Language Therapy
  • Educational Interventions (tutoring, etc.)

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