Indicators for Inattentive AD/HD

Boys with Primarily Inattentive Type AD/HD may:

  • be quiet, under-active and withdrawn;
  • lack motivation;
  • be socially awkward;
  • have difficulty making decisions;
  • be prone to depression;
  • chronically underachieve;
  • appear “spaced out” when asked a question;
  • have few friends;
  • have poor social skills;
  • have a lethargic demeanour;
  • exhibit passive resistance at school;
  • be aggressive and emotional at home; and/or
  • have symptoms of other conditions apart from that of AD/HD

Primarily Inattentive type AD/HD can mimic giftedness:

  • Child often daydreams.
  • Has low tolerance for tasks that seem irrelevant.
  • May have high activity level with little need for sleep.
  • May often question rules and traditions.
  • May be emotionally intense.

AD/HD and giftedness may cancel each other out in the eyes of:

  • the school.
  • the child affected.
  • the parents.
  • his/her peers.
  • authority figures.

Gifted children with all types of AD/HD may:

  • spend much longer doing homework assignments than their equally gifted peers;
  • pick up and drop many activities;
  • get by at secondary school by using strategies that are not always positive;
  • have very low self-esteem as a result of their “hidden” struggle;
  • may first experience difficulties when they go away to university;
  • drop out of school or university in spite of their intelligence level; and
  • experience a lifetime of underachievement if not detected and treated

The hidden consequences include:

  • The child becomes demoralized.
  • The child has low self-esteem.
  • She thinks of him/herself as “stupid.”
  • The child chronically under-functions.
  • The child may become bitter and dissatisfied as an adult.
  • The child may eventually begin self-medicating to blur reality.

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