What Is AD/HD?

Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (AD/HD) is a complex medical condition characterized by excessive inattentiveness, impulsiveness and/or hyperactivity as well as difficulty managing emotions and monitoring and self-regulating action involving executive functions. It is a chronic life-long condition that significantly interferes with everyday life. It is now estimated that 3-7% of school-aged children and 4% of adults have AD/HD. It affects them in the way they behave within the family, socially and in the school setting. usually having a negative effect on their academic development unless identified and treated appropriately. There are three recognized types of AD/HD:

  • Primarily Hyperactive Type
  • Primarily Inattentive Type
  • Combined Hyperactive Inattentive Type

AD/HD is a condition that knows no boundaries; a gifted child can just as easily have this condition as children of average, normal or sub-normal intelligence. However, AD/HD afflicts more children of above average or exceptional intelligence than any other group.

At the same time, giftedness can mask AD/HD symptoms while AD/HD symptoms can also mask giftedness in children.

It is important that you seek a doctor who understands AD/HD in all its complexities when getting your child diagnosed, and that you are aware that not all doctors, psychologists or psychiatrists have this understanding. Usually, the best doctor is one who has specialized in AD/HD because s/he or a family member is afflicted.

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ADHD Europe asks for better provisions for Teenagers with ADHD who continue to need access to mental health services after they turn 18.
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