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English-Speaking Specialists

In order to serve the English-speaking community in Belgium, our main priority is to provide information about specialists from a variety of disciplines who speak English well enough to diagnose and treat the children and adolescents in this population. We therefore include in this section of the website the following resources:

a) List of Specialists

We have gathered this information from word-of-mouth recommendations given to us by our members. We are always glad to hear of new specialists who have experience with AD/HD and related conditions because there are too few specialists in Belgium who work in this field and speak good English. If you want to add some others to this list, please contact

b)  List of Specialised AD/HD, AS & Dyslexia Coaches

In October 2008, we began our first AD/HD, AS & Dyslexia Coach Training with Dianne Zaccheo MSW FTC from The Coaching Centre London. Those who successfully completed the course requirements are listed on this website. There are also others listed who had already trained as specialized coaches elsewhere and some with a background in psychotherapy who offer a coaching service. In March 2010, we begin a new intensive Diploma course in AD/HD and AS Coaching with Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP), which will be given by Julie Inglis from Prime Performance Solutions in London, a Master NLP Practitioner. Those who successfully pass the Diploma Course with NLP will be listed on this website in due course.

Other AD/HD Organizations in Belgium

In addition, we have further included information about three other AD/HD organizations, with whom we regularly collaborate In an effort to improve awareness of AD/HD in Belgium:

  •  Centrum ZitStil vzw., the Dutch-speaking organization in Antwerp
  •  TDA/H Belgique, the French-speaking Brussels-based AD/HD organization
  •  Adult Anglophone AD/HD Support

All three organizations are very active in their own communities, bringing evidence-based information and resources to their members. Those of you who speak French with some degree of fluency can avail yourselves of the TDA/H Belgique services, while those who struggle with French can look for new specialists and programmes from Centrum ZitStil because most specialists from the Flemish community have a good knowledge of English.

At the same time, parents who are also affected by AD/HD can find the resources, information and support they need from Adult Anglophone AD/HD Support to help them manage their lives in a balanced and fulfilling way.

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