In-Service Workshops

We offer In-Service workshops for teachers in Primary and Secondary schools. We do this independently and in partnership with Europe’s Children Our Concern (ECOC). Our trainers are always experts in their chosen field.

Workshop Topics

  • Akiko Matsumoto, MA, Literacy Specialist

      Workshop Topics
      (Akiko Matsumoto, MA, Literacy & Dyslexia Specialist)

    • Ongoing Skill-Building: What Can Parents Do to Help their Dyslexic Children during the Holiday Period?
    • Addressing Dyslexia in the Learning Process
  • Elena Massie, Clinical Psychologist, Psychotherapist, Coach

      Workshop Topics
      (Elena Massie, Psychologist, Psychotherapist and Coach).

    • How Can Psychotherapy Help Children with Behavioural and Attentional Problems?
  • Joanne Norris, Ed.D.

      Workshop Topics
      (Joanne Norris, Ed.D. Special Needs Teacher Trainer; AD/HD, AS & Dyslexia Coach).

    • Multi-Sensory Teaching Strategies: Getting the Most out of All Students in Your Classroom.
    • Successful Teaching Strategies that Can Help Students with Working Memory Deficits.
    • Effective Teaching Strategies & Classroom Accommodations for Special Needs Students.
    • Teaching Learning Strategies & Study Skills to Special Needs Students.
    • Examining & Developing Interventions, Structures and Supports for At-Risk Students.
    • Positive & Proactive Classroom Management and Behavioural Support Strategies.
    • Creating A School Culture and Climate for Success.
    • Teaching Strategies that Support Differentiation.
    • Differentiation: Recognizing Individual Differences among Pupils and Using Teaching Strategies that Take these into Account.
    • Using Diferentiation to Promote Learning in Mixed Ability Classrooms.
    • Successful Inclusive Teaching Strategies for the 21st Century.
    • Maximizing Instructional Time through Positive Behavioural Strategies.
    • Inclusive Classroom Techniques: Thinking outside the Box.
    • At-Risk Students: The Many Faces of AD/HD.
    • Developing Organizational Skills in AD/HD and LD Students.
  • Rosamund Reuter, Child & Clinical Psychologist

      Workshop Topics
      (Rosamund Reuter, Child & Clinical Psychologist)

    • The Importance of Working Memory in the Classroom.
    • Introducing Cogmed: An Evidenced-Based Training Programme that Can Significantly Improve Working Memory in Children and Adults.
  • Dr. Werner Van Den Bergh, Child Psychiatrist

      Workshop Topics
      (Dr. Van Den Bergh, Child Psychiatrist)

    • How Neurofeedback Can Help Children with AD/HD
  • Bhu Venkatesan, M.O.Th (Paed)

      Workshop Topics
      (Bhu Venkatesan, M.O.Th (Paed): Paediatric OCT; Remedial Teacher (Dyslexia) FLOWERPOTS, Avenue des Villas, 77, 1190 Brussels).

    • Sensory Integration Therapy for Children with AD/HD.
    • Using a Combination of Occupational and Sensory Integration Therapy as well as Remedial Teaching (Dyslexia) to Address the Whole Child.
    • Sensory Integration Therapy Will Improve Behaviour in AD/HD Children.
    • How Sensory Processing Patterns Affect Behaviour: The Perspective of an Occupational Therapist.
    • Using the Principles of the Why Try? Programme to Motivate Teenagers.
    • Handwriting: What, Why and How to teach children.

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