Core Working Group

Dr. Ed. Joanne Norris, President, Education Chair, Trainer, European Brain Ambassador:

-  Facilitator: Special Needs Tutor Training

-  Special Needs Initial Assessment

-  Facilitator: Ambassador Training

-  Teacher in-service training

-  Educational advisor (Secondary/Transition to Higher Education) 

-  Lobbying EU policymakers and educational leaders about ADHD, Autism Spectrum Conditions, Dyslexia,

Beverley Sinton, Vice-President, Communication Officer, European Brain Ambassador:

-  Pimarily responsible for communicating our message on various social platforms (Facebook, Linkedin)

-  European Brains @ Work Information Officer

-  Advertising our events

-  Spreading the word at special EU meetings and projects about ADHD, Autism Spectrum, Dyslexia, etc.

Chantel Fouche, Secretary General, European Brain Ambassador, ADHD-Europe Treasurer:

-  Personal Assistant to President 

-  Responsible for creating and updating databases

-  Keeps the President cognizant of upcoming responsibilities at key stages and helps with plannng

-  Creates Minutes of all Board meetings and disemminates these to Board

-  Attends related conferences and congresses in Belgium and reports about these 

-  Gathers information about places to advertise our events

-   Networks with Belgian public schools 

-   Involved with the creation of our new website (deadline: October 2018)


Peter Philips, Treasurer, Accounting wizard, Financial Advisor:

-  Responsible for all aspects of financial transactions for the organization

-  Co-signature with President for financial documents

-  Responsible for annual financial report

-  Responsible for communicating financial information about organization  to tax authorities in Belgium

Laia Vintro-Moreno: MSC Neuropsychology, Mindfulness Practitioner, Psychological Coach:

-  Coordinator & Facilitator: Mindfulness for Teens 

-  Psychological Coach (SP, EN, FR)

-  Performance & ADHD Coaching for adolescents and adults

-  Part Time Elementary School Counselor (St. Johns)


Patty Truong: Diploma in ADHD & ASC Coach w/NLP, Body Talk Practitioner, NLP Practitioner

-  Volunteer Coordinator & Event Management Support, Homework Tutor, Coach

-  Facilitator: Body Talk therapy

-  Presenter: Making Maths Work

Emilia Jarvis ADHD & ASC Coach w/NLP (SP, EN, FR), Mindfulness Practitioner (children and adolescents)

- Coordinator Parent Training

-  Facilitator: Mindfulness for Children


Carlos Buenos: Student of Psychology in the University of Madrid, Erasmus Intern Summer/Fall 2018

-  Research assistant ADHD, Autism Spectrum Conditions, Dyslexia, Dyspraxia, etc. 

-  Research assistant for European Brains @ Work (strengths, special skills)

-  Mediator: Twitter Account

Allen E. Norris, Consultant Intellectual Property

-  Technical Support for Events

-  Policy Advisor

-  Brings innovative solutions





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ADHD Europe asks for better provisions for Teenagers with ADHD who continue to need access to mental health services after they turn 18.
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